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The digital mailbox for home/school communications

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For reliable, secure and streamlined home school communication. Collect sign-off and payment in one place. Know you can reach parents in an emergency.

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For tips on emergency management check out our blog posts "Emergency drills taken beyond the school boundaries..."

customer quote

"...No paper and signatures sent back electronically. Brilliant!"

Matt Spinaze- The Age, Melbourne, April 24, 2014, 8:19PM
customer quote

"This is so much better than stuffing 1000 envelopes! and we are always amazed at the instant responses. "

Suzanne Otto - Principal’s Personal Assistant , Good Shepherd Lutheran, NT

How does the Signmee system work?

Send form in Signmee


Add email addresses for your contacts (or load a list of contacts) and send your Signmee form. A notification and form link will be sent to the contacts.

Fill and sign form in Signmee

Fill and sign

Contact opens and views form. Contact is then verified by Signmee before filling and signing the form.

Fill and sign form in Signmee


Signed form can be accessed by the business in their business account, and the contact in their Signmee Inbox. Access for everyone.

Signmee Features

Build forms with Signmee tools

eForm builder

Signmee has a host of form templates to help get you started. Just copy and edit to suit your needs. Alternatively, start with a new eForm, or from one of your existing forms. The Signmee editor allows you to build/edit an eForm to send to your contacts for actioning.  You can: add content, add form fields, save progress, check-in, check-out, send for review and publish when finalised. The check-in check-out feature ensures that only one person is working on a form, and that changes are not overridden.

Build forms with Signmee tools

Version control

The Signmee system controls your eForms in an easy to search library. The system carefully manages the eForms with la range of built in logic: one person can edit at a time; published and distributed forms cannot be altered (you can take copies and update in the event of a typo or error); forms are saved on a regular basis with background saves and a recovery option (in the event that your connection to the internet goes down); forms have associated metadata to help with search, that updates to the business letterhead are versioned.

Build forms with Signmee tools

Sending to contacts

Signmee has an integrated mailing service making it easy for you to send eForms to individuals, or to a group. Signmee eForms can be sent in batches on different days if necessary. Contacts can be added on the fly when sending forms, or they can be loaded into the system from a file of your contacts – for Maestrano customers the contact list will be populated automatically if you have client lists in any other Connec! Softare. Signmee tagging makes it easy to create and manage mailing groups.

Electronically reply

Electronically reply (fill form)

Signmee eForms are browser based forms, and can be opened on any device (smart phone, tablet, PC) with internet connection. A form may contain any number of mandatory/non mandatory response fields, including text fields, check box selection lists, radio button selection list, dropdown selection list, number response field, yes/no fields, address picker fields, event dates, file upload and consent

Eletronically sign

Electronically sign

Signmee takes form receivers through a quick verification process to enable the individual to reply/pay/sign/store the Signmee eForms sent to them. Verified users have a Signmee password to enter when signing eForms, and a personal inbox for storing copies of the transactions with businesses. To sign the eForm, the system encapsulates the presentation, logic and data into a record of the transaction. This record can be accessed in a number of formats, including full presentation or simply a data report. Signmee signatures are legally binding and contract forming. See Electronic Transactions Act 1999,

Receipts and invoices

Electronically pay

We have integrated the following payment gateways to allow you to add payments and charges to your eForms. You can offer your customers one or more of the following payment options. Link your business PayPal/BPAY/Braintree/POLi accounts with Signmee and start collecting.

BPAY Logo POLi payments logo
Braintree logo
PayPal Logo

Tracking and audit trail

The Signmee business dashboard provides an easy to digest summary of eForm status – how many eForms sent, how many opened, how many signed. To find out more, simply drill down. A full audit trail of sender, date sent, group sent to and so on is also available. Never lose a form again with easy access.



A host of ready-made reports are available, increasing the speed and ease of access to your information. View/download a summary report of responses for a given eForm – view individual, or group of responses (PDF and Excel), view/download detailed report with all response data, view/download itemised payments and charges, view/download schedule report with times and allocations, view/download a medical report (schools only).

Receipts and invoices


All data entered into Signmee eForms is encrypted when submitted, ensuring it cannot be intercepted. Signed eForms are password protected, and access to the eForm and data is restricted to the business owner and signing parties. Signmee system uses best practice authentication, scheduled back-ups and audit logs to ensure that data is safe and secure at all times.

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Our API is powerful.

Build forms in Signmee and send with Signmee.

Then, sync response data back to your existing systems.

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Small business solutions

Signmee can now connect with your favourite small business apps such as Xero and MYOB. Check out to get started.

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Meet the Management Team

Nicole Bouchier - Director Signmee

Nicole Bouchier

Founder and Managing Director

Nicole's experience across education, technology and information management were the catalyst for driving the Signmee development; a solution for today's businesses and their customers. Access for all.

John Vesey

Chief Technical Advisor

With over 20 years experience as an engineer and systems architect in global banking and corporate sector, John has brought to Signmee the expertise to deliver bank quality architecture.

Yvonne Blanch

Regional Manager (NZ)

With an extensive background in ICT and business development Yvonne has worked in the corporate and education sectors and is passionate about helping customers work smarter by providing solutions that not only save time but deliver better results.

Read the founder story / Less

The story of Signmee

Way back in 1994 Nicole was a teacher often frustrated by the non-teaching distractions of administration. Countless hours were wasted in the week as consent forms (sporting, trips, school events, fundraisers) were distributed, collected, collated and sorted. On every occasion, a number of forms were misplaced in transit from school to home, making the collection and management a headache.

After 7 years of teaching Nicole left the classroom to pursue a career in IT within the health and then tertiary education sector, focusing on electronic information management.

During the years working in IT, Nicole stepped back in the classroom, but this time as a parent. After 7 years away from teaching she was astounded to see schools still using the same old traditional inefficient "paper-based" method for managing consent and school communications. There was evidence of a shift to electronic communications via email and web publishing, however there was still the need to fill, print, sign and return school consent forms.

Her frustration intensified when she failed to receive important information around student interviews from her not so reliable 6 year old.

For Nicole the logical solution was to introduce the school to an eForms service. However, existing eForms services failed to adequately address the sign-off and payments component (a key aspect for schools).

This became the catalyst for developing Signmee - a cloud service connecting businesses and customers for the purpose of sharing, tracking and collecting responses, payments and signoff in a simple integrated transaction.


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All plans billed annually and include:

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  • Signer authentication
  • Audit trail
  • Multi-party sign (coming soon)
  • Community support
  • Mobile access
  • Receive attachments up to 10MB (Storage limits apply)

Added extras - Support plans, training, SMS credits, additional storage, conversion service

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